Stretchgoals Sushi War Laser Battle

"An honourable game needs an honourable stretch goals structure."

That’s why we will propose a new concept with Sushi War – Laser Battle.
First of all, stretchgoals will be unlocked based on the number of backers of any type, instead of funds collected.



Let’s make an example.

If Master Penguin exclaims “Sushi”, in the comment section one backer should write a first comment, using the first letter “S”, then another one will comment with the letter “U”, then another with the letter “S” and so on until the entire words “S-U-S-H-I” are completed and with only one letter for each comment.
You can also nest a second comment as a reply of the first one (and then a third comment and so on), but in this case you have to continue in that way: a brand new comment that follows the nested ones is not considered valid for the Master Penguin requests.


If for any reason, the single letters stopped to follow the correct flow, all backers need to start trying to rebuild the words composition again, until is done correctly. It means that there can’t be any comment that interrupt the words composition otherwise backers will repeat again.


Wrong Sequences

When backers achieve this goal, that specific stretch goal will be unlocked and we will wait for the next request of Master Penguin.

Be careful, words will become even more challenging than you may expect.

If you have more question about that, contact us on: